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Common Issue: How to Respect the Past While Embracing the Future

Our client, The District of Columbia Baptist Convention, DCBC, was interested in honoring the history of their convention, while encouraging their church constituents to embrace future changes, a common challenge.

Know Your Cross, Marketing and IT took the time to listen to the desires of our client and the challenges they were facing. We used this as the foundation for a full marketing strategy for their Annual Meeting. We were involved from the initial concept of the theme of DCBC's Annual Meeting, all the way through to the creation of all marketing collateral. This included the creation and design of DCBC's Online Meeting Registration Site, Meeting Theme, Book of Reports Cover, Meeting Program Cover, and all other on site meeting paraphernalia. Of course, we were onsite during the entire meeting to insure perfect execution of all items created.

We were most excited about the creation of two items that quickly became collector's items for DCBC. One was the main meeting video which set the stage for all other aspects of the meeting. See a sample of this video. The next was DCBC's Annual Calendar which played off the successful meeting theme. See a sample of this calendar.

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