Database Development

Think about the amount of information that flows through your organization. From member information, to visitor information, your data holds the key to you fully understanding your audience. Understanding how best to communicate with them. Understanding how best to reach them. Understanding how best to tap into their potential, to help you reach beyond your four walls.

At Know Your Cross, Marketing and IT, we don't just help you create a database, but we help your create Your database. Your database can help you to:

  • Organize your information in one central location;
  • Improve overall internal communications;
  • Insure access to the most up-to-date information on all membership and constituents;
  • Integrate information across groups, between departments and across other information vehicles like email and phone lists;
  • Help to develop a clearly defined method of regularly communicating events and programs to those outside of your organization for all major activities and events by capturing and using member and visitor information;
  • Begin increasing awareness of the events and groups to engage members at a higher level;
  • Create a visitors database for all outreach efforts;
  • Create volunteer matching for filling key positions;
  • Create task management and assignment for better accountability;
  • And even access all your information from any web-enabled device.

Contact us to help you create, refine and unlock the potential of a solid database for You.

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