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The call is clear.

The vision on where you are to go and what you are to do is clear. But how do you get there?

We help church leadership, laborers, get to know the members of their churches/church organizations and those in the surrounding community, their harvest, in a more intimate and objective way than would happen otherwise. We believe the better you know your harvest, the more capable you are at truly meeting their needs. We help church leadership develop a plan to better meet the needs of their harvest both inside and outside their church/church organization walls. We help put the proper systems in place to insure that these needs are always known which facilitates more objective, fact-based decision making.

How do we do this? We work with churches/church organizations to develop a 8 Step Planning Process. Click on the first step on the flow chart to see how the process works!

  church review   definition  
church role
strategies / tactics
plan / implementation
management / recording
church scorecard

Step 1. Vision, Mission & Goal Definition

a. We help church leadership arrive at common definitions to serve as the foundation for all research and planning and the guide for all strategic decisions.

b. Our methods highlight unnoticed opportunities that may have been overlooked in the past, and highlight significant perspectives that are brought out in the definition process.

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Step 2. Role

a. Our processes help churches clarify the priority and importance of different, distinctive ministries and programs to the mission of the church and the resource allocation which reflect those priorities.

b. We help churches arrive at their desired role in the lives of congregants and in the community.

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Step 3. Assessment

a. We determine the current status of the church and its internal components relative to the desired role and goals.

b. We determine the current status of the church and its surrounding community relative to the desired role and goals.

c. We identify the gap between current and desired state and uncovers key growth and health opportunities.

d. We properly direct analysis of church dynamics.

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Step 4. Plan Strategies and Tactics Development

a. We help churches develop strategies that make the most of their uniqueness through creative and efficient use of the resources that God has made available to them.

b. We help churches identify and capture growth opportunities and develop specific actions that should be taken.

c. We help churches develop the proper information systems that are capable of standardizing the acquisition, analysis and integration process.

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Step 5. Plan Implementation

a. We don't stop there. We help to implement the findings into the daily life of the church/church organization with easy-to-access, easy-to-understand systems using CROSS staff and church resources.

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Step 6. Plan Management and Recording

a. We recommend marketing research and information technology systems to manage and database all strategic plan internal components for real useable value in decision making.

b.We choose the right set of information and services to help church leaders make the best possible decisions for now and the future.

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Step 7. Scorecard

a. We develop a scorecard to objectively and continuously measure all church health performance indicators on a monthly and annual basis.

b. We work with churches to determine target objectives that relate to its plan. We do this in a manner consistent with the church's role, allocated resources and assessment.

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Step 8. Review the performance of the church plan

(This should be done on an annual basis.)

a. We thoroughly review where the church stands vs. its key church performance indicators.

b. We determine if the indicators are indeed still indicative of church success or if alternative/additional criteria need to be developed.

c. We determine what measures, if any, need to be taken to get churches closer to their ultimate God given vision and goals.

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